Rahul's mini How-Tos

       How to Update JDK/JRE on cluster running linux
  •  Download JAVA Standard Edition for linux.
  • Log in as root and execute the instructions written in for jdk installation.
  • Install java as root. 
  • Execute java -version. 
  • Previous step is not an absolute necessity, but it will solve another problem.
  • Copy the /usr/java/jdk1.6.0.06 directory to where you want to put it in clearcase. 
  • Now tar-gzip that jdk directory and transfer it over to windows side.
  • Copy it on C:\
  • Open cmd shell ( not cygwin) - 
  • Execute: C:\>clearfsimport -comment "14056 Updating JDK/JRE to 1.6
    .06" -recurse -nsetevent jdk1.6.0_06_linux TOPOFINAL-63\rray_topofinal63\source\code\JDK
  • It will take about 15-20 min depending on how clearcase is fast.
  • It failed in two files - both THIRDPARTYLICENSEREADME.txt - one from jdk and the other from jre.
  • Call clearcase management guy - he will open the files in vim and copy it. 
  • He will execute: cleartool chtype compressed_file THIRDPARTYLICENSEREADME.txt. ( it requires root permission.)
  • Once that is done - you are done checking ins.
  • Open the CR XXXXXX and see the OTS ( off the self) and unit test etc.

     How to search files containing a given string ( on linux)

  •   find / -exec grep -l "string to find" {} \;

     How to delete file/directories from clearcase.

        Page below guided me. However it is what I did: 

  •     On windows, start file explorer.
  •     Check out parent directory - under which you need to delete files/dir.
  •     Open cmd promt ( from run->cmd).
  •     Go to that directory.
  •     Execute : cleartoom rmname filename/dirname.
  •     Check the parent directory in.
  •     Confirmation: when you check-in the parent directory, it will show in message that it uncatalogs the directory you deleted. (See CR 14457)

    Here is what I got this idea from.

  •     Guides for ClearCase Best Use Practices

  •     Use the defined procedures below to properly use the ClearCase configuration management system. If     you are in doubt as to the correct way to accomplish a change that needs to be done please ask for guidance.
  1. Label Names should contain only upper-case letters (enforced with trigger).

  2. Branch names should contain only lower case letters (enforced with trigger).

  3. View names and private branch names should contain your login name.

  4. To rename a file or a directory do the following:

    1. Check out the parent directory.
    2. cleartool mv <current file name or current directory name> <new file name or new directory name>
  5. To remove a file or a directory do the following:

    1. Check out the parent directory.
    2. cleartool rmname <file name or directory name>
  6. To move a file or directory from one directory to another directory do the following:
    1. Check out source parent directory
    2. Check out destination parent directory
    3. cleartool mv path\<name> path\<name>
    4. Check in source parent directory
    5. Check in destination parent directory

      Note: make sure the file or directory you are trying to move is not checked out.

  7. To remove a label type, branch type, or an element from a VOB forever and ever, or to reinstate a file or directory that has been removed please contact the Configuration Manager.

    IntelliJ compilation for topofinal63:

  • You will need to add the following jars to your project to keep IntelliJ happy:
  • source\code\java\libs\JavaHelp\jhall.jar
  • source\code\java\libs\xml\dom4j-1.6.1.jar ( not needed for at least PS) 

      Some Java Goodies from http://www.bmsi.com/java/wishes.html   (see home/java-goodies)

      How to make a standalone jar file and run it